Super Wings S6 5 Inches Transforming Astra & ball – High-Tech Power Robots Deformation to Airplane Action Figures Anime Kid Toys


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Season 6

This season 6 the Super Wings are upgrading to become tasked with protecting the ENVIRONMENT, its ANIMALS and all of HUMAN CULTURE too!

It’s not just the Super Wings who are upping their saving game,

it’s also the guest kids! They’re thrilled to be getting powered up too, becoming heroes themselves to help their all-time hero Super Wings. They’ll be in the thick of the action where they’ll play a more active role in adventures than ever before.


They give the Super Wings and children alike the mighty power to suit up and accomplish great things!

contains awesome diverse element powers inside – powers drawn from the incredible natural world around us; Wind, Water, Earth, Iron, Animal, Lightning, Fire, etc.

World Guardians-Iron Power Up! Press and open the Iron Super Ball, and help Jett attach the Iron Power helmet and tools to get the Iron Power. It’s easy for preschool kids to wear these tools on Jett!

Donnie is a turboprop plane – cheerful, loyal, and a teensy bit of a klutz.

Whenever something needs making, Donnie’s “Bustin’ to build!” He’s a construction specialist who’s great at fixing things too –thanks to his kit of extra cool tools that he never travels without. Nobody can hammer out the kinks in a mission like this guy!

Dizzy is rescue helicopter – very cute and very tough! She loves Jett like a little brother and is always “Rescue Ready” with her Rescue Ropes and gear. A role model for girl power, she’s the bravest Super Wing there is. Just ask any of her friends who have seen her go toe-to-turbine with a T-Rex!

Astra is a space shuttle – highly intelligent and super high tech!

She’s an outer space and physics superstar who knows all about the universe. Equipped with lasers that can take on endless forms and functions, her holographic beams can create any Holo-Help tool needed: holo-lasso, holo-map, holo-repel. She’s holo-WOW!

Paul is a police plane button-down and by-the-book!

He knows all the official, correct procedures for police work, but he can also cut loose and have fun or rather, can’t resist having

fun – whenever he hears music. He can battle with the best of them and boogie-woogie at the same time!


World Guardians-Hightech Power Up! Press and open the Hightech Super Ball, and help Astra attach the Hightech Power helmet on head and hightech tools on hands to get the hightech Power. It’s easy for preschool kids to wear these tools on Astra!

Wheels of the super wings Hightech Astra toy can slide as airplane vehicle.Hightech Astra can transform from toy airplane to bot in just 8 easy steps and no batteries are required for this super wings toy, so there is no worries about the power shortage that kids can have fun anytime and anywhere.

movable joints

The joints are movable, so your kids can pose Hightech Astra as they want.


Collect all other Super Power, including Iron Jett, Fire Jett, Polar Jett, Water Dizzy, Earth Donnie, Animal Paul, and Hightech Astra, each sold seperately.

Safety and Quality Assurance

These train toys for kids are made of high-quality ABS plastics that are non-toxic and meet all safety tests. The edges and tips are smooth and round without hurting the hands of kids. What is more, the strong impact resistance of Super Wings toys make it durable and avoid being destroyed by kids during play.


1* 5 inch Transforming toy

1*Super Ball

3* tools

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White, Black, Green, Red, Gray, Blue

ACG Character

super wings

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